Apple (AAPL) Stock Q2 2022 Earnings Video

Apr 28, 2022
Q2 AAPL Earnings Video

Today we take a look at Apple after the company reported Q2 earnings. The results paint a solid picture for Apple - despite some slowdowns expected in sales & profit growth in the coming quarters. The big question is can Apple re-accelerate revenues in order to expand it's market cap above where it stands today. The company also announced a $90B buyback and a small increase to the quarterly dividend.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Q1 2022 Earnings Video

Jan 27, 2022
Q1 AAPL Earnings Video

Today we take a look at Apple after the company reported Q1 earnings after the bell. The company grew revenues 11% and beat expectations by about $5B. Overall, the company is running like a well oiled machine. We nit pick Apple because they could afford a much larger dividend and don’t have much use for the cash otherwise. From a technical perspective - Apple stock is still in a strong uptrend ... but we feel the stock may be range bound for the time being.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Q4 2021 Earnings Video

Oct 28, 2021
Q4 AAPL Earnings Video

Today Apple stock reported Q4 numbers and we go over every detail on today’s show. We look at the profits, the balance sheet and the cash flows at Apple. Then we look at the stock from a technical perspective and discuss if I will be buying Apple shares tomorrow.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Q3 2021 Earnings Video

Jul 27, 2021
Q3 AAPL Earnings Video

Today Apple reported earnings and we cover them in-debt here on the channel. The company’s revenues grew significantly in the quarter, beating expectations across the board. Apple stock did not move much in the after hours trading, however the stock is essentially near and all-time high price, so the fact the shares held that level - at least temporarily - shows that investors were pleased with the results.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Q2 2021 Earnings Video

Apr 28, 2021
Q2 AAPL Earnings Video

Today we look at Apple - if this stock is not a cornerstone of your portfolio - honestly you need to re-examine your investing decisions. This company - despite not having any significant new products in over a decade is still dominating the stock market. The company just announced a $90B increase to the stock buy-back, which in addition to billions already executed over the years. The company increased the dividend by 7% - which was probably on the low-end of what they could have done considering the earnings this company produces. We take a look at the revenue, profits, cash flows and the balance sheet of Apple - and I give you some tips on building your buy/hold portfolio around a stock like this.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Q1 2021 Earnings Video

Jan 27, 2021
Q1 AAPL Earnings Video

Today we take a look at Apple’s holiday quarter where the company generated an unreal $111B worth of revenue. Across the board, from iPhone to iPads - the company’s sales were up. Additionally across the world - particularly in China - sales of Apple products have never been better. The stock didn’t react too much to the stellar earnings report.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Q4 2020 Earnings Video

Oct 29, 2020
Q4 AAPL Earnings Video

On today's video we take a look at Apple AAPL Stock - which just reported full year earnings today. The results for iPhone 11 was a disappointment, primarily because the device was DOA with iPhone 12 (and 5G upgrade) coming out after the quarter ended. Sales of Mac Computers and iPad were strong. The highlight for Apple is the service category, which appears to be on track to be at least a $60B business in 2021. CEO Tim Cook did NOT give guidance about next quarter (which includes the first sales of iPhone 12) and that has investors a bit worried.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Split Q/A

Aug 1, 2020
Q3 AAPL Earnings Video

A few days ago I posted a video after Apple posted earnings. The company announced a 4-to-1 stock split. I got many questions about the stock split, but the two main ones were: Should You Buy Apple Stock Now or Wait? And How are fractional shares split? I called around to several brokers and tried to get some answers.

Apple (AAPL) Stock In Correction

Sep 19, 2020
Q3 AAPL Earnings Video

On today's video - we take a deeper look at Apple stock, which is down over 20% from its highs - meaning the stock is in a correction. We take a look at some of the product catalysts that remain for Apple as we enter a period where they release new phones & computers. We take a look at the valuation, which has come back into a more reasonable range, and if you project forward - is definitely in a reasonable range if you look to hold Apple stock for a long period of time. Lastly, we take a look at the stock chart to show levels where everyone is watching where Apple stock will trade in the short term.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Q3 2020 Earnings Video

Jul 30, 2020
Q3 AAPL Earnings Video

On today's video we take a look at Apple's Q3 quarter where they saw rising revenues and profits across the board. It was a quarter where many stores were still shut down in the United States, so it was impressive. Apple also announced something rare - a 4 to 1 stock split - occurring in August. Should you buy shares before or after the split?

Apple (AAPL) Stock Q2 2020 Earnings Video

May 1, 2020
Q2 AAPL Earnings Video

Apple reported earnings this week and we take a look at the financials including balance sheet, cash flows and more. Overall the company held steady in Q2 and it will be curious to see how the phone & computer maker fares the rest of the year.