Amazon (AMZN) Stock Q1 2022 Earnings Video

Apr 28, 2022
Q1 AMZN Earnings Video

Today we take a look at Amazon (AMZN) Stock after the company reported Q1 earnings after the bell. Inflation is not being kind to Amazon, sales were just up 7% - although that met expectations - profits are shriveling up as operating and net income saw large declines. Amazons' Rivian investment took a toll as the company had to write down that investment. AWS is still doing quite well, and if Amazon stock continues to go down, the argument that AWS is worth almost the entire market cap becomes a bull case point. Overall these were disappointing earnings (again) from Amazon and the macro environment going forward seems murky. While Amazon guided to lower than expected Q2 sales - we have to assume Q3's sales might have to be revised lower - even with Amazon Prime Day falling in that quarter.

Amazon (AMZN) Stock Q4 2021 Earnings Video

Feb 3, 2022
Q1 AMZN Earnings Video

Today we take a look at Amazon (AMZN) Stock which reported Q4 earnings today after the market close. Amazon stock is going higher, up over 14% after reporting a huge profit in its Rivian investment and an acceleration of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) business. Overall, Amazon’s e-commerce business not only slowed from a growth perspective, but the business unit actually lost money in the most recent quarter. Across the board things look weak for that business unit. However, Amazon announced a price increase for Amazon Prime members, which should increase operating profits in the coming quarters. The company did see an acceleration in AWS - to 40% revenue growth and strong profits. It’s likely investors are thinking e-commerce will reaccelerate which will put this company in a great position heading into 2022. From a technical perspective - the company broke through 2 areas of resistance - and that should be a bullish sign for Amazon’s stock price in the short term.

Amazon (AMZN) Stock Q3 2021 Earnings Video

Oct 28, 2021
Q3 AMZN Earnings Video

Today Amazon AMZN Stock reported Q3 earnings and it was pretty much a disaster - outside the AWS business. Amazon sales are starting to slow and profits are starting to shrink. I discuss why I’m worried about Amazon in the coming months given the economy we’re in.

Amazon (AMZN) Stock Q2 2021 Earnings Video

Jul 29, 2021
Q2 AMZN Earnings Video

Today AMAZON (AMZN) reported Q2 earnings and Q3 guidance - and it was a disappointment across the board. While Q2 revenue of $113B was nice - the company is guiding below that in Q3. Not only that, Cash Flows from opps fell off during the most recent quarter. The saving grace is AWS grew nicely and profits are up in that division. We speculate that possibly Amazon could split the stock given the poor performance - and possibly Q3 guidance was really light so incoming CEO could smash it out of the park.

Amazon (AMZN) Stock Q1 2021 Earnings Video

Apr 29, 2021
Q1 AMZN Earnings Video

Amazon (AMZN) just reported earnings today, and they were impressive. Not only were the earnings solid - the company gave guidance for Q2 that exceeded last year’s Q2 - which was a quarter where everyone was at home ordering things online. The company did NOT announce a stock split - which was rumored to possibly happen as soon as today, however the stock continued to rally - above a 52 week high it made back in September. It’s possible Amazon keeps the stock split in its pocket for a few more quarters - and could be used by the incoming CEO after Q3 - just in case the stock needs a boost. We speculate on the video that Amazon could be sandbagging guidance just a bit - to give the new CEO the runway to take over for the legendary Jeff Bezos. Finally we look at the stock chart and predict where Amazon stock might go from here.

Amazon (AMZN) Stock Q4 2020 Earnings Video

Feb 2, 2021
Q4 AMZN Earnings Video

Today we take a deep dive into Amazon's 2020 earnings release - which saw the company top $100b++ in revenue for the first time in a quarter. The bigger news was the fact that founder and CEO Jeff Bezos plans to step away from the CEO role this year - and the head of AWS will take the role of CEO. We take a look at what parts of Amazon's business are worth watching in 2021 - since if they are able to continue to grow - the shares will likely grow along with them.

Amazon (AMZN) Stock Q3 2020 Earnings Video

Oct 29, 2020
Q3 AMZN Earnings Video

On today's video we take a look at Amazon (AMZN) which just reported its Q3 financials. Taking a look at the last 2 quarters, Amazon has really pulled forward a tremendous amount of demand due to the health situation. I feel that some of this demand won't be recurring, however there's enough tailwinds behind Amazon that I feel it will easily become the most valuable company in the world within the next 18 months. The company's investments in fulfillment, which still accelerating, will likely hit a stride sometime next year - making Amazon even more dominant in the e-commerce business. Overall I feel their TAM and business momentum will surpass Apple stock as the most valuable.

Amazon (AMZN) Q2 2020 Earnings Video

Jul 30, 2020
Q2 AMZN Earnings Video

On today's video - the channel takes its first official look at Amazon stock - ticker symbol AMZN. This stock has been on a tear over the last few months as investors are realizing how much dominance Amazon has in online retail as many shops are closed or permanently closed. The quarter should be both a sign of confidence for investors - but also a signal that more regulatory pressures will be on the company in the years ahead because it's acquiring so much market share from other businesses. It's truly getting very difficult to compete with Amazon - and this report proves it. Finally we jump over to the chart and see where you could possibly buy Amazon shares in the coming weeks.